Worship on Wings

Expressing Worship Through Dance

​​Worship on Wings was birthed through my process of discovering His great love for me despite my shortcomings and self-doubt.  As I sought a deeper relationship with the Lord, He showed me that He really does have great things planned for those that seek Him.  He revealed a few of His plans for me, which seemed way beyond my ability.  Through trusting Him and taking small steps of faith, my wisdom, understanding, and trust of Him grew.

I have grown to realize that we truly can soar on wings like eagles as Isaiah 40:31 says.

“But they who wait for ADONAI will renew their strength.  They will soar up with wings as eagles.  They will run, and not grow weary.  They will walk, and not be faint.”  

​Join me in my journey of dancing, teaching, speaking, and writing.  Grow through the sharing of God’s word, be encouraged to seek Him in deeper ways, and discover more of His great and personal plans for you!

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