Come and Dance!

I am honored and blessed to post my first guest blog, Come and Dance!, by Mary Bennett. I connected with Mary, also known as Dancing Dove, on GAB Social. She loves Jesus, dancing, and coffee, so I felt an immediate strong connection to her.  Her posts are uplifting, inspiring, honest, and filled with the love […]

Free to Dance

On this cool day following a late spring snowstorm, I sip a warm cup of tea and recall the many churches that I have attended throughout my life. My memory is absent of any instance of praise and worship dance during a service (excluding my current church). About half of the churches encouraged worshippers to […]

Called to Dance (Personal Testimony)

Sitting quietly in a darkened room filled with Christian women for a weekend retreat, the prophetic psalmist paused between songs. Pointing me out, she said “this next one’s for you.” She poured out the Lord’s words to me in song. “Just like a swan on a lake… like the ripple on the water… like a […]