Renewed Focus

Happy New Year! During the last few days, I have been taking time to reflect on accomplishments and challenges of the past year. I have also been considering what the Lord might have me do moving forward.  It’s a time of developing fresh hopes for the new year. God’s plans for us are to give […]

When God Breaks Through

I was losing ground.  Projects that I had been working on were being constantly pushed to a back corner as I addressed other things needing more immediate attention.  When time for those waiting projects became available, I could not get motivated to re-start them.  I was overwhelmed by the chaotic clutter that had been building.  […]


Each year I try to read the entire Bible. Many people (speaking of Christians) don’t read the Bible for a variety of reasons such as; it’s boring, it doesn’t apply to my life, I don’t understand it, or it takes too long. Understanding comes by studying though, and studying does take time and repetition. Since […]

A New Dance

Dancing for the Lord is one of the gifts He gave me—without me asking for it. Through my study of the Bible, it is clear that God has planned many things for each one of His children, and these things, or gifts, have been placed within us at the time that He created and planned […]

Graham Crackers with God

Nearly a couple hours have passed. I am filled with frustration over sleep that refuses to come. Lying in the dark, dim lighting from outside seeping into my room, I ponder the possible reasons. Did I have caffeine? Did I eat too much? Too little? Was it not shutting off my ipad within a reasonable […]