Merry Christmas Friends! I hope you are enjoying a bit of time off from your regular work and spending precious hours with loved ones. I was recently listening to a close friend—ok, it was my husband—as he expressed Christmas gift shopping frustrations. We talked about how stressful this season (that should be filled with excitement […]

God’s Nature to Bless

What a day! What is God doing?! Amazing me.  That’s what He’s doing. I got up a little slower and later than usual today. My husband and I had an impromptu babysitting request the night before to watch our 7-month-old twin grandchildren.  Who could pass that up?  It was so fun to be with them, […]

A Season of Miracles

We are in a season of miracles. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. On July 10-13, 2022, I attended a tent crusade in Colorado Springs, CO, held by Mario Murillo, and hosted by Radiant Church. I volunteered on the salvation prayer team for the first three nights and was able to personally attend the […]

Come and Dance!

I am honored and blessed to post my first guest blog, Come and Dance!, by Mary Bennett. I connected with Mary, also known as Dancing Dove, on GAB Social. She loves Jesus, dancing, and coffee, so I felt an immediate strong connection to her.  Her posts are uplifting, inspiring, honest, and filled with the love […]

Made To Be Free

Happy Independence Day! Like many of you, my family celebrates this holiday with a cook-out and fireworks.  But do any of us take time to truly remember why we celebrate? I was asked to briefly speak at church about our country’s founding and independence.  I didn’t know where to start, so I asked the Lord, […]

Free to Dance

On this cool day following a late spring snowstorm, I sip a warm cup of tea and recall the many churches that I have attended throughout my life. My memory is absent of any instance of praise and worship dance during a service (excluding my current church). About half of the churches encouraged worshippers to […]

Called to Dance (Personal Testimony)

Sitting quietly in a darkened room filled with Christian women for a weekend retreat, the prophetic psalmist paused between songs. Pointing me out, she said “this next one’s for you.” She poured out the Lord’s words to me in song. “Just like a swan on a lake… like the ripple on the water… like a […]