When God Breaks Through

I was losing ground.  Projects that I had been working on were being constantly pushed to a back corner as I addressed other things needing more immediate attention.  When time for those waiting projects became available, I could not get motivated to re-start them.  I was overwhelmed by the chaotic clutter that had been building.  Resentments and irritants tried to sneak in and take place in my mind; but the Word says to stay steadfast and stand firm against the enemy.  “Remember,” I told myself, “God brings truth and peace, Satan brings lies and discontentment.  God creates, and Satan destroys.”  I continued to seek Him each morning, trying different things to start out better and stay on track; reading the Bible, praying, listening, and writing what I heard.

On this new day of shopping and errands, my efforts stopped way short of anticipated goals, but the newly purchased pillows on the couch sure did help my mood.  I put off the much-needed house cleaning… again, and began searching online… again, for an answer to a puzzling piece of my writing project.  “Remember,” I spoke to myself. “As Winston Churchill once said, ‘Never, never, never give up.’”  One search led to another, and another.  I clicked on a video that popped up in the search results.  At first, it didn’t look like much, but through it I was led to another website.  As I perused yet another website, the feeling began to swell that this was it.  The connection and answer I’d been anxiously seeking.

I sat and pondered as thoughts of King David in the Bible came to mind.  God said of him, ‘I have found David, the son of Jesse, a man after My heart, who will do My will’ (Acts 13:22). I wondered what it was that made David stand out from others who followed God?  With great consistency, David sought God for answers before he acted on things.  The few times he didn’t, things ended disastrously.  So I asked: “Is this information my answer?”  And as He often answered David in a simple, concise manner, He answered me, “Yes.”  Woohoo!  A missing piece was found!

At that moment, the noise of thunder shook the house and rain began to fall.  I prayed with gratitude and thankfulness for the much needed rain, and prayed that there would be no damaging hail.  The rain increased and came down heavier—a loud hard pounding on the deck and windows—yet the Lord filled me with peace.  This seemed to be a rain of abundance; a picture of God’s abundance that He has begun to pour out for His people. My mind puled with new inspiration and energy. New ideas flowed once again.

Relieved to have the answer I sought, along with some fresh ideas, I set my project aside and got started on the neglected job of house cleaning.  In the middle of washing dishes, spirit-moving worship music playing in the background, I stopped to give God thanks for the answers that He is faithful to give.  Something powerful happens in the depths of grateful hearts.  I thought again of King David; the many worship songs he created, the skill and joy that flowed though him as he played instruments, sang songs, or danced with great joy to the Lord.  It then seemed to me that my worship flags were calling from the closet. Or, was it the Holy Spirit that beckoned me to get them out?  It had been some time since they had seen the living room ceiling.  Living room ceiling?  How about outside?  The rain had stopped and the Colorado sun was again shining brightly.  “Yes,” I thought. “Let’s go outside, wind and all, and glorify the Lord!”  I imagine now, that He was laughing with me and enjoying that moment.  He has the answers we need.  As a good father does, He delights to provide for us.

Until now you have asked for nothing in My name; ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be made full.”

John 16:24 (NASB)

I am convinced that we so often miss God and what He has for us because we are incredibly impatient beings. Life speeds along so fast as we try to be involved in all that the world has. We constantly search to make life easier so that we have time to do even more. What if the answers to the challenges we face are not in finding how to create new efficiencies that will allow us to accomplish more, but rather in continually seeking the Lord and enjoying what is right before us. He created us for relationship with Him, and yet He is the first one that we turn away from.  Developing relationships take time, and to have a successful ones, other pursuits must be put aside. As I continued to seek Him, He showed me the answer I needed.  He always does.

To read more about King David and his heart to seek the Lord, you can find his stories in these books of the Bible: 1 Samuel 16-31, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings 1-2, 1 Chronicles 11-29, and Psalms.